“Go Get Gone” – CMT Edge Feature

Rose’s Pawn Shop Self-Medicate in “Go Get Gone”

07/23/2014 – Chris Parton – CMT Edge

In “Go Get Gone” from Rose’s Pawn Shop’s upcoming album Gravity Well, the California folk-rock outfit tap into some seriously heavy heartbreak.

Singer Paul Givant’s main character is so distraught that self-destruction seems like the only course of action.

“Just on the surface of it, I meant (‘Go Get Gone’) as going to go get so f**ked-up and drunk that essentially I can’t feel anything, I’d just be out of my head and gone,” Givant tells CMT Edge. “Which is how people deal with difficult stuff sometimes. I’ve been guilty of that in the past.”

The song captures the numbness of depression, plus the anger of being slighted. Even with his band’s sympathetic, gentle accompaniment, Givant can’t break through his fog. For the usually-optimistic band, that’s a departure.

“A lot of past Rose’s songs speak about heartbreak, depression and difficult times,” he says, “but they often are made almost fun by our upbeat, high-energy approach — almost like we’re asking you to dance away the pain. This one, though, is just slow and raw and has you sitting right in the middle of what this guy is going through.”

Meanwhile, the outside world keeps turning, symbolized by the steady brush strokes of drummer Christian Hogan.

“It’s hard being human a lot of times,” Givant admits. “Looking directly at the things that are the most hurtful and frightening and difficult and dealing with them certainly isn’t the easiest path. I think we’re offered a lot of alternatives in this society to dealing with problems directly.

“If numbing out for a while around a problem buys you some time until you’re ready to come around and actually deal with it, I think that’s fine. As long as you deal with it eventually and don’t bury your feelings your whole life.”

Check out Rose’s Pawn Shop as they suffer through the other side of love in “Go Get Gone.”


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